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Sunday, April 14, 2013

#OLTL @onelifetolive Simple explanation of "watching" the shows!

Hey all,

Can't even believe that I am actually able to talk about watching One Life to Live again, but I am and I am relieved and happy.

Clearing a few things up....
On, you do not have to PAY to watch.

No, that's right.  You CAN pay to watch if you want to stream to your television or a Roku or Playstation or XBox device.  Otherwise, NO, you don't have to pay.  It's free.  go to and search ONE LIFE TO LIVE, and boom.  Just click play and it's playing.  Test it out on the lovely preview.  I cannot believe how beautiful that promo is, it takes my breath away every time.  And you can add things to your queue and save to watch them later.  I personally signed up to pay just to support the effort, even though I don't need it.  I can cancel at ANY TIME.

On Itunes, (of course), it is NOT FREE.  I am not sure about the pricing there, but there's a cost to view episodes.

There MAY be a cable deal in the future, and will LIKELY be an international viewing venue.  At this time, there are neither of those.

So don't worry.  I see a lot of fans panicking on Facebook, that they won't be able to watch on television.  It's all right, trust me.  This is actually EASIER than that.


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