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Friday, April 19, 2013

SON SPOILERS for #OLTL second week

Todd stuff here:

  • Monday, May 6: Todd tries to get through to Blair.   (Oh ... my)
  • Tuesday, May 7: Todd encounters danger in his own room.  (Could it be the scene with the glass falling?)
  • Wednesday, May 8: Todd decides to do something unexpected. (wonder what that is?)
  • Thursday, May 9: Todd tries to buy love. (based on the preview from TOLN, perhaps this explains Jack throwing a piece of technology onto the floor in a rage)
  • Friday, May 10: In One Life to Live’s behind-the-scenes show, interact with your favorite OLTL stars as they discuss this week’s hot topics and take a closer look at the big events in Llanview from the past four days.

More spoilers for other cast members at SON


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