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Monday, April 15, 2013

TOLN Releases ‘First Day of School’ Video on iTunes for ‘One Life to Live’ (Warning: Spoilers) | Soap Opera Network

Florencia Lozano's Tea Delgado is given the honor of saying the first curse word in the newly released "First Day of School" behind the scenes video by The OnLine Network, set to music by Raphael Lake/Ben Fisher with their song "Light It Up," which was recently uploaded as an iTunes exclusive. In character, Lozano yells at Robert Gorrie's Matthew Buchanan on why he let her daughter do drugs of course! Dani (Kelley Missal) was just brought to Llanview Hospital as a result of an apparent drug overdose after leaving Blair's new club, Shelter, with her father Todd (Roger Howarth) carrying her out. As for the usage of language, Tea says, "I don't want any fucking water, Blair [Kassie DePaiva]," as Blair offers it to calm Tea down.

Thanks SON!

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