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Friday, June 28, 2013

#TnB Playlist

  1. "Unforgettable," Nat and Natalie Cole, Todd and Blair Meet in Roadies for the first time.
  2. "Somewhere There's Hope," Steve Perry, Blair/Todd Christmas Gift
  3. "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," Kenny G, Christmas alone for Todd
  4. "I'll Stand By You," The Pretenders, Blair and Todd
  5. "Simply Love," Kassie DePaiva, poor quality, sorry, Blair loses most pathetic contest and Todd makes her sing at Roadies (actual recording from the show).
  6. "Baby It's You," Dave Berry, Todd proposes to Blair the first and original time, in Rodi's
  7. "If I'm Not In Love With You," Faith Hill, Todd and Blair at Rodi's
  8. "This Ain't a Love Song," Bon Jovi, Todd and Blair at Rodi's before Fireworks
  9. "Until the End of Time," Foreigner, Todd and Blair, 4th of July
  10. "The Downtown Lights," Rod Stewart, Todd and Blair, 4th of July
  11. "Bump and Grind," R. Kelly, Todd and Blair, 4th of July
  12. "Love Doesn't Ask Why," Celine Dion, Todd and Blair, bed scene, Let's Make a Baby
  13. "No More I Love Yous," Annie Lenox, Blair and Todd (twice, once at Rodi's and then again later right before he finds out about the big lie)
  14. "My One and Only Love," John Coltrane, Todd and Blair say goodbye after the "second date."
  15. "Sheep May Safely Graze," J.S. Bach, Todd and Blair Gold Balloon Wedding Ceremony
  16. "String Quartet No. 2 Allegro Moderato," Alexander Borodin, Gold Balloon Wedding
  17. "String Quartet in D, Nocturne," Alexander Borodin, Gold Balloon Weddin
  18. "I Will Never Be The Same," Melissa Etheridge, Todd and Blair, staircase wedding night
  19. "Today," Kassie DePaiva, after Todd comes back from Ireland, at party on cruise ship (actual recording from show)
  20. "My Funny Valentine," Chet Baker, Todd and Blair dance after she sings to him on cruise ship
  21. "My Valentine," Martina McBride, Todd and Blair with sick Starr
  22. "My Sweet Lady," John Denver, Actually Blair sang this to Starr when she was sick
  23. "My One and Only Love," Charlie Watts, Todd and Blair dance at the fashion show to benefit Starr.
  24. "My First, My Last, My Everything," unknown, Blair, Todd and Starr at the toy store during the aplastic anemia storyline (actual recording from show)
  25. "Gravity of Love," Enigma, need I say more????? Todd and Blair, 2000
  26. "The Kindness of Strangers" Todd and Blair, with Starr's prodding, wake in bed (she's pregnant and he thinks it's Max's)
  27. "Simply Love," Kassie DePaiva, as used in wedding montage, 2001 Wedding, Todd and Blair
  28. "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," Jaci Velasquez, Getting Blair to Accept Jack, 2001
  29. "My Funny Valentine," Kassie DePaiva, sang to Todd, 2002 (actual recording from the show)
  30. "I Can't See New York," Tori Amos, Todd and Blair and air mattress.
  31. "'Til the Season Comes Round Again," Kenny Rogers (Amy Grant version unavail right now), Todd's last Christmas on OLTL.
  32. "I Know," Michal Towber, Valentine Dream of Blair, 2003
  33. "Dead Things," Emiliana Torrini, Todd in Victor's Tomb thinking how he's just like him
  34. "Figure 8," Memento, Mitch sets up Todd for Sam's Death.
  35. One Life to Live - 2011-2012 return - Theme Song from Montage "One Life to Live"
  36. Performed by Starr on the Haunted Star in PC, Blair comes to town, 2012 "Just Like That"
  37. "Brand New Start" OLTL theme for online revival show
Posted by request....short time only.  Mostly complete.  And lucky for us, more coming!


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