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Saturday, July 13, 2013

One Life to Live: A Timeline of Stars' Best and Worst Moments - Today's News: Our Take |

Todd and Blair (ongoing): Though Blair initially becomes involved with Todd because she has her sights set on his inheritance, they eventually end up falling in love. "I love all of Todd and Blair's on-and-off heated drama and romance and comedy," DePaiva says. "Todd and Blair are unbelievably connected, and they have kind of a cult following. They are two soulmates. ... I think that there is something so powerful that they can not walk away from it, otherwise they would. It's just one of those things that no matter what, they can be in a room full of people, and they will always sense each other." But, DePaiva adds, "There's something so sad about these two people. You love them so much but you know that they're kind of doomed because of who they are. ... He had such dark demons, and she had such a sad past that they completely understood each other. [Blair] never wanted to change Todd. She never wanted him to be anything other than who he was, and that was enough for her. And she always understood him, and he always understood her."

OMG.  More gorgeousness....and labeled "ongoing"

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