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Monday, February 3, 2014

Twitter / soaploversunite: #OLTL #Throwback @KassieDePaiva ...

Ah, #OLTL, in it's grand craziness.  Trading Places is a personal fave of mine.

How the Daytime Soap Came Back From the Dead - The Daily Beast

"Despite this off-screen drama, YnR is—like the three other surviving daytime soaps on air—celebrating the news that it has been renewed. Not only that, the audiences for YnR, The Bold and The Beautiful (both CBS), Days of Our Lives(NBC) and General Hospital (ABC) have not just held steady, they have increased.
This statement of rude health is in stark contrast to the death knells sounded for the genre after the cancellations of Guiding Light (2009), As The World Turns (2010), All My Children (2011), and One Life To Live (2012). The prediction was that it was only a matter of time before the rest of the dominoes fell, and daytime schedules would be wall-to-wall chat—with soaps, long-ridiculed for their absurdity and antiquity, and far too expensive to make, consigned to the broadcast graveyard."
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Catching up with Erika Slezak | One Life to Live @

"As an actress, my job is always the same: make the audience believe. If I do that, I have done my job."